Below are a few testimonials from noted international business authors, business professionals and clients regarding their experience with ACCELERANT.
"The Circle of Leverage® System is an honest and ethical approach for getting access to the people who can enhance your career and life. The Power To Get In® is a must-read for everyone who wants to be more effective in what they do!"

— Ken Blanchard, Ph.D., Co-author of the International bestseller, The One Minute Manager
Chairman, The Ken Blanchard Companies, Inc.
"Having access to the right people is an important ingredient in today's business world. You may be a talented person or have a super product or service, but lack of access to the correct audience will seriously limit progress. This can be changed with The Circle of Leverage® System. It is a proven process that works."

— F. James McDonald, President (retired),
General Motors Corporation
"I've shared the platform with Michael, and look forward to continuing to do so in the future. His message and systems have great relevance and value in today's business world. He shares his message with great joy, great passion, creates excellent audience interaction, and he's easy to learn from — and what could be better than that? I endorse the programs and his message because I use them, and our people use them. I recommend you check out ACCELERANT's offerings. I believe they are the best programs available today, on the topic of gaining access with an articulate and focused value proposition, on a favorable basis, to more of the key decision makers, earlier on in your selling process."

— Larry Wilson, Founder, Wilson Learning Corporation
Chairman and CEO, Pecos River Learning Centers, Inc. and Co-author of the bestseller, The One Minute Salesperson
"To not have your people in front of the right audience...the right group, the right key decision makers, at the right time in the process, is a critical error. Michael's step-by-step process, The Circle of Leverage® System, deals with the part of the sales process that most companies simply ignore — And that is — are your people in front of the right group, the right key decision makers? The COL System will give you faster, more frequent access to the key decision makers, much earlier on in your selling process. The system is like a laser. Michael breaks it down to a science. I have never seen a program like this ever! His message provides real take-home value, and the training programs work. They deliver hard results that you can measure!"

— Robert Thele, former President & Chief Executive Officer,
Covey Leadership Center
"If you want to sink your teeth into how and why a properly calibrated value proposition can deliver real value and bottom-line profit — read TEETH. Michael's insight is timely and relevant; his value proposition solid!"

— Allan Stevens, Former Director, Global Sales Education, Financial Services Division
NCR Corporation
TEETH provides a straight-forward, simple approach to a very powerful factor affecting a customer's propensity to buy. By attaching one's product, service or solution to the core value that it creates for the intended customer, a supplier organization separates itself from the field. We have worked successfully with Michael Boylan and his organization, ACCELERANT, for several years. His message contained in TEETH came at just the right time for Keane, Inc. to help launch our mission critical service offerings. I would recommend the book and full programs for any organization looking for a new way to create additional value for their clients."

— Gary Gindele, Former Group Vice President
Keane, Inc.
"TEETH is a must-read for those who want to convey the essence of their corporate message to generate more sales through easier access to decision makers — and to also synergize their entire organization."

— Jay Mincks, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing
Administaff, Inc.
"As an $8 billion global provider of information technology and consulting services, we engaged ACCELERANT to help us crystallize and refine our value propositions for several service offerings. Then, using The COL Methodology in the Americas Outsourcing Group, we saw excellent results in our ability to gain access to "C" level officers in our first meetings with large organizations where we had no relationship. We also used The COL process on current clients where our primary point of contact was in the IT organization — where we anticipated being blocked from other executives, based on certain service line offerings. In one specific initiative using The COL, out of 36 targeted companies, we were able to get 16 one hour face-to-face meetings with 3 senior executives simultaneously — the CEO, CFO, and COO in each meeting. This was an amazing hit rate. What's even better is, the meetings were all confirmed and executed by our teams within 6-7 weeks. The COL campaign has helped our Americas Outsourcing and Consulting organizations to better assess the likelihood of a piece of business, and scope the size of the opportunity faster. It has also helped increase our close rates by driving sales opportunities from the top-down, while not alienating the IT professionals. In fact, it seems to have helped some relationships.

The professionalism of the programs was superb, impressing our harshest, most skeptical critics. Based on your expertise and methodologies for assisting us with improving our value propositions so they have some TEETH ... along with The COL System, we have elected to engage the managed services program from ACCELERANT, with the intention of embedding these methods into CGE&Y. The methods are powerful and we have found that they deliver rapid, surprising, and pleasing results."

— James J. Woodward, Former Senior Vice President, Americas Outsourcing
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, US