There are several key factors that impact an organization's ability to close business in a timely and efficient manner, and meet their numbers.

ACCELERANT has chosen to focus around six key factors, skill sets, areas of expertise—call it whatever you'd like. Each factor plays a critical role in the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's ability to meet it's numbers.

The core offerings of ACCELERANT focus around the following six key areas:

1. The strategic manner in which prospect, existing client, and in-progress opportunities are being targeted and executed.
2. How focused and "metriced" the value propositions are — articulating the TEETH around each business unit's product/service/solution offerings that are relevant to the prospect or existing client opportunity being targeted.
3. The levels and titles of the individuals your people are working with, meaning, are they working with recommenders, or executive level decision-makers?
4. The manner and flare in which your products, services, solutions, and key concepts are presented to prospects and existing clients—to mid-level and senior executive level management.
5. The ability of your people to quickly and effectively help the prospect or client pre-qualify themselves in a collaborative, consultative manner, earlier on in the selling cycle.
6. The ability of your people to use the negotiating process from the beginning, to the closing of the opportunity—helping keep prospects and clients focused on the financial business benefits your offerings could deliver.

ACCELERANT offers organizations executive level, business development oriented, collaborative training workshops and programs, consulting, and on-going managed services oversight in the areas of coaching and assisting clients trained in the methodologies, on the real world implementation and execution of these best-practice tools on targeted existing client and new prospect oriented opportunities of the client's choosing.

ACCELERANT provides custom-tailored best practice business solutions, designed to assist you in achieving your plan—from the conceptual to the tactical implementation and execution of the strategies designed to accomplish your objectives.

To ensure flexibility in selecting workshops, programs and consulting services, each offering can be delivered as a "point" solution. They can also be bundled into a customized program, such as our managed services approach. Our core offerings include:

Keynote Speaking
Constraints Assessment Diagnostic
Client Account and/or Strategic Planning
The TEETH Value Proposition Workshops
The Circle of Leverage System Executive Access Training Programs
The 1/3rd ... 2/3rds Condensed Executive Presentation Workshop
ACCELERANT Process For Business - Managed Services/Campaign Support/Implementation Management

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Certified Licensed Facilitators
Our team is made up of highly qualified business professionals, each possessing a minimum of 15 years of senior management, strategic consulting, sales training, and delivery experience. Quality of content delivered, repeat clients, and our proprietary methodologies "take-rate" are among the highest of any company in the industry.