Michael A. Boylan
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Author of ACCELERANTS and creator of the repeatable best practice methodologies earning the company a reputation for delivering measurable results for Fortune 2000 organizations, Michael serves as thought-leader for the company's direction and core offerings.

With his third book ACCELERANTS published by Portfolio, the business imprint of Penguin Group U.S.A., published in January of 2007, Michael has gained a reputation as one of this countries premier keynote speakers for corporate conventions and events; receiving recognition from Microsoft as the highest rated keynote speaker for their Microsoft World Fusion Conventions. An entrepreneur since 1986, he has co-founded and sold two businesses in the technology and credential verification space. He holds a BA in Communications and Psychology from the University of Minnesota.

His vision is to embed the ACCELERANT Principles into the DNA of organization's front-end business development efforts, to improve their top line and compress the time it takes to close business—while adding more respect on both sides of the process.

Email:  mboylan@accelerantinternational.com

  Jim Woodward
Vice President, Client Delivery, Accelerant Principal

For 25 years, Jim led various IT service organizations within Cap Gemini including branches, divisions, and national practices. He was responsible for the most profitable service offering in Cap Gemini's history, TransMillennium™ Services. For several years, he was also responsible for the company's application management and outsourcing business. Jim was also responsible for oversight of all fixed-price delivery projects in the company. Throughout his career, Jim has led sales organizations, large sales pursuits, and has facilitated sales training programs.

Jim was interviewed by 60 Minutes and the US Senate sub-committee as an expert on the Year 2000 problem. Initially a client of ACCELERANT, Jim has seen first hand, through the facilitation of the companies core offerings how they have positively impacted clients in measurable ways.

  Gary D. Gindele
Accelerant Principal

Based on a proven track record as a senior executive to Fortune 1000 corporations in areas of strategic planning and growth, financial management, sales & marketing strategy, field operations, and information systems, Gary lead a substantial sales organization within Keane, a global IT services firm with multiple product and service offerings serving Fortune 500 clients, responsible for over 200 million in annual revenues to the organization.

An accomplished, high-integrity, results-based executive, Gary is an expert in empowering teams, leading clients to build sustainable objectives with the Accelerant Principles, proactively shaping the tools to achieve maximum benefit and ROI for clients who embrace them across the enterprise.

Known for his precision insight into issues blocking individuals and corporations forward progress, Gary is a management consultant whose deep knowledge of the ACCELERANTS, coupled with the ability to quickly diagnose, build, shape, and align the proper solution, makes him a seasoned veteran with clients.

  Hardy Homberg
Executive Vice President, Europe

Responsible for bringing ACCELERANT's solutions to Europe, and managing senior executive client relationships in Europe, Hardy is an accomplished entrepreneur. He posses extensive international business experience with multinational companies in business processes such as research and development, marketing, sales, manufacturing, distribution and consulting across several vertical industries.

Hardy spent ten years as Director and Chairman of a 300 Million dollar world-wide LBO manufacturing group of machinery, materials and turn key projects with full responsibility of R&D, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and administration, based on a long term strategy and budget control.

Having implemented ACCELERANT tools throughout Europe over the past several years, he has experienced success with the tools and is now engaged in introducing them to organizations throughout Europe. Being fluent in the English, German, and French languages, Hardy has extensive business process understanding having done business throughout Europe, South America, China, and the United States. Hardy is based in Berlin, Germany.

  John Christenson
Vice President, Technology Services

As acting VP of Technology for ACCELERANT International, John is president and CEO of Blue Ink Sofware, founded in 2003. He founded and sold eMortgage Center, a mortgage origination company. John has held various senior positions with technology companies including Information Advantage acquired by Computer Associates.

He holds a BS Degree with honors from the Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota with a major in Computer Science focusing on business integration.

Email:  jchristenson@accelerantinternational.com

  Christine Krason
Executive Assistant - Office Manager

With extensive background in client relationships and managing their needs, Christine is an accomplished professional serving the company in office administration, contracts, client correspondence, and executive assistant to the President of ACCELERANT.

Clients enjoy dealing with Christine because of her genuine, gracious, and professional nature.

Email:  ckrason@accelerantinternational.com

  Robert B. Thele
Strategic Advisor

Former President and CEO of Covey Leadership from 1987 to 1997 when it was acquired by Franklin Quest in May of 1997, Bob was a principal architect behind the strategy, growth, and international success of one of this countries most successful management leadership and training organizations. Bob helped engineer the international success of Dr. Stephen Covey's book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and the corresponding programs resulting from the book.

Bob assists in the strategy of ACCELERANT's core offerings and the licensing of content to organizations in specific industry sectors that wish to bring this material to their client base. Bob resides in Salt Lake City, Utah and San Diego, California.

  Mike Meyer
Strategic Advisor

Former President and CEO of Cap Gemini, America, Mike led the organization's growth strategy. Upon leaving CGEY, he served as President and CEO of LogicaCMG, North America, another global technology services player operating in the telecomunications, financial services, transportation and utilities sectors worldwide.

As a former client of ACCELERANT's offerings, now involved in the company's growth strategy and distribution, Mike has seen the measurable impact of the ACCELERANT toolset, and how it can accelerate the growth of any organization.

In addition to holding several CEO positions for large technology organizations, he is also an entrepreneur who has founded and built two other technology organizations, serves on the boards of several others, and is currently CEO and Chairman of i360 Technologies, Inc. Mike resides in Washington DC and Beaver Creek, Colorado.

  John Murray
Strategic Advisor

As chairman and CEO of AdvancePath, John maintains overall responsibility for the company's strategic and financial objectives.

Prior to joining AdvancePath, John was Chairman, President and CEO of PLATO Learning, Inc. (NASAQ: TUTR) where he had a successful 18 year career. PLATO is the largest, publicly traded, educational software provider in the world and serves the needs of both mainstream and alternative education. Under John's leadership, PLATO's revenues grew from $33 to $142 million in 7 years, its balance sheet was significantly strengthened, and it became recognized by educators, policy makers, and politicians as an industry leader and change agent.

Prior to assuming the duties of PLATO's Chairman and CEO, John held numerous other positions at PLATO - including President & Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Product Development. John started his career at PLATO by launching the military and aerospace training division in the UK.

Prior to his business career, John spent 16 years in the British Army's Signal Corp - recognized in the Queens 1985 Birthday Honors for his contribution to Army training. He is passionate about improving life opportunities for at risk and drop out students, serving on the board of the National Dropout Prevention Network (NDPN), the largest organization in the US focused on the Nation's dropout problem.

  John C. Levy
Legal Counsel, General Business Partner,
Henson and Efron

With extensive experience in transactional securities, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate law, John serves as general outside counsel to numerous privately-held businesses, acting as general advisor and strategic partner to boards of directors, owners and senior management.

With a Juris Doctor from Emory University in Atlanta, GA, a BA in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of Vermont, John has been voted "Super Lawyer" by Minnesota Law & Politics every year since the inception of survey, from 1993 – 2002.

  Brian Batzli
Legal Counsel, Intellectual Property Protection,
Partner, Merchant & Gould

One of the premier intellectual property firms in the country, Brian is a partner with Merchant & Gould, practicing for over 18 years in the areas of patent, trademark, copyright, and licensing. His technology areas include computer technology, software, physics, internet, and mechanical arts. He has significant experience in trademark prosecution, and has contested matters before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Prior to joining Merchant & Gould, Brian was a staff attorney with CPT Corporation coordinating Intellectual Property matters and advising corporate counsel. He holds a law degree from William Mitchell College, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Brian oversees ACCELERANT's intellectual property licensing and protection areas, and has successfully helped the company attain eight US trademarks on it's content to date. Brian is a member of the International Trademark Association, the Licensing Executive's Society, the American Bar Association, the Minnesota and Hennepin County Bar Associations, and the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA). He is a past chair of Merchant & Gould's Electronics and Computer Law Practice Section.