Clients with significant business development, sales, marketing, and client account manager organizations should consider the purchase of a site license of the ACCELERANTS materials and intellectual property—which can include an in-house facilitator(s) Train-The-Trainer Licensing Certification Program. This allows client account and field sales managers to be even more well versed on the proper implementation options around current client scenarios, prospects, vertical sectors, opportunities recently lost—and the support, coaching, and reinforcement of the tools throughout the organization.

Clients who own a site license have even more flexibility by increasing the applications in which they can use and apply the tools in all new business generation activities, while further embedding the ACCELERANTS into the DNA of the way they target, hunt, scope, qualify, and secure business, driving more revenues to the organization.

Owing a site license also allows clients ONE COMMON LANGUAGE—ONE COMMON PROCESS for how they target, hunt, scope, qualify, and close additional business going forward—driving more growth across the enterprise.

For more information on attaining a site-license that fits your organizations needs and objectives, please email Christine Krason, to arrange a conference call with an ACCELERANT Principal, who can listen to your needs, assess your situation, and recommend appropriate options for consideration.

If you are looking for added knowledge, control, and flexibility around embedding the ACCELERANTS into the culture of how your organization drives more growth, a site-license is a great option for your organization!