Founder and Chief Executive of Accelerant, creator of it's methodologies, and best-selling author of ACCELERANTS, Michael Boylan has delivered general session keynote addresses for some of the most respected Fortune 1000 companies in America, for annual sales meetings, quarterly events, and regional meetings.

As one of the highest rated general session keynote speakers at the Microsoft World Fusion Annual Conventions, and the highest rated keynote speaker of all time by the Advertising Specialties Institute Annual Conventions, he is a proven and seasoned professional. Corporations who have engaged "the best of the best" speakers and best-selling authors such as Dr. Ken Blanchard, Stephen R. Covey, Tom Peters, Spencer Johnson, Jack Canfield, Larry Wilson, etc., consider Michael in the same league based on their attendees positive reception to his content, messages, and style of delivery. Clients believe Michael's insights and concepts—proven successful in the field with major corporations over the last eight years—have given their attendees more than just an excellent keynote address, but concepts that have positively changed they way they approach their businesses.


A partial list of clients that have engaged Michael for general session keynotes:

Microsoft World Fusion Annual Conventions
CapGemini Ernst & Young
PeopleSoft Corporation
NEC Technologies
NCR Corporation
ADP, Inc.
Ceridian Corporation
Keane, Inc.
Ingram Corporation
Front Range Software
Mitel Networks
Norstan Communications
Moore Corporation
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Research In Motion, Ltd. (RIM, maker of the Blackberry)
Jostens Corporation
Protective Life Insurance Corporation
First Interstate Bancorp
CMP Media
CBS Radio
PR Newswire
The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
American Collectors Association
Advertising Specialties Institute of America

An entrepreneur since 1986, he founded a technology services firm marketing and supporting predictive-dialing technology to Fortune 1000 corporations in the financial services, banking, insurance, collections, call center, and retail credit card services industries. He also co-founded and ran a background credential verification services firm serving the Human Resource function of Fortune 1000 firms nationwide.

Boylan founded Accelerant in 1997, serving the senior management, business development, sales, marketing, and strategic growth organizations of Fortune 1000 companies interested in driving more growth, compressing their "time-to-a-deal", and reducing their cost of sales levels across the business units, through embracing and customizing the Accelerant Principles he writes about in his best-selling book ACCELERANTS, to the unique characteristics of each business units objectives.

With a BA in Communications, and a minor in Psychology from the University of Minnesota, Michael has developed the ACCELERANTS over twenty years, teaching the principles to senior management and the field organizations for numerous Fortune 1000 organizations for the past eight years. Accelerant's licensing division is engaged in licensing these best-in-class tools throughout the U.S. and abroad, to organizations interested in making the ACCELERANTS part of the DNA for how they identify, target, access, scope, and close more business in less time.

Michael has been a guest on hundreds of radio and television interviews including CNN, CNN-fn, Bloomberg Financial, and many other shows. He has engaged audiences of several thousand attendees, to groups from 50 to 500. Known as an industry thought-leader, Michael's style is to involve the audience from the outset, creating interactive, humorous, thought provoking addresses remembered for years. He consistently receives high marks from clients because of the value participant's feel they have received.


1. The Constraints To Growth—Outlined in his latest best-selling book ACCELERANTS, Michael defines twelve constraints which often impede, slow down, or even block organizations from gaining more revenues in an efficient manner—regardless of their size and market position. Providing clients flexibility to customize the address around the key challenges they may be experiencing, Michael is able to shape his address around each of these constraints, or, just those you wish to focus on during your event. This is one reason clients are so pleased when they engage Michael. They have the opportunity to have a voice in tailoring the address to the current challenges the organization may be attempting to address.

2. The Fundamentals That Drive Growth—Also outlined in ACCELERANTS are the twelve best-in-class Accelerant Principles, each one it's own skill-set and philosophy, designed to address key elements that impact an organizations ability to drive more growth, more effectively, and efficiently. Clients have the flexibility to select key Accelerants they wish Michael to focus on during their event, or cover all twelve if they so choose. This is another reason why clients feel engaging Michael helps ensure they will deliver a program to their attendees that is timely, relevant to the challenges of the business, and can be expanded upon downstream if desired.

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