Are we a good fit for your business? Let's find out, through our confidential Mutual Pre-Qualification Process, which helps both parties rapidly pre-qualify each other, saving everyone time and money. The process works as follows:

Step 1:  Complete the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

Phone us at 952-445-7854 to schedule a conference call where an ACCELERANT Principal will take your answers over the phone, or take our Online Questionnaire. The questionnaire takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete so you may prefer to download the form, complete it, and email or fax it to us at your convenience. (Our fax is 952-856-4898). The purpose is to obtain a baseline understanding of your organization, the goals and objectives you are looking to accomplish, and your time frame. All responses will remain confidential.

Step 2:  Clarify Needs

Depending on how you supplied the answers to the questionnaire, a first/second conference call takes place between ACCELERANT leadership and client representatives. The purpose is to: 1) further understand your needs, goals, and objectives relative to your responses, and 2) provide an overview of the programs, services, and consulting offerings of interest, the deliverables, delivery options, materials provided, recommended number of participants per session, cost per participant or consulting project, return on investment ranges, program customization options, Train-The-Trainer Licensing & Certification options for your in-house facilitators, implementation field support, on-going coaching and managed services. Site-licensing options can also be discussed.

Step 3:  Follow Up with Targeted Information

After the conference call(s) where we clarify your responses to the questionnaire, we'll follow up with more targeted information, which may include additional marketing materials, executive white papers on the programs or consulting offerings of interest, etc.

Step 4:  Submit Proposal

Based on your time frames and budget parameters, a custom proposal specific to your needs can then be created and forwarded for your consideration.

Note:   Based on the size of your operation, goals and delivery time frames, a face-to-face meeting can also be scheduled, after we have a baseline understanding of your operation.