Pub Date: January 2007
ISBN 978-1-59184-150-0
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This book can give everyone in your organization who impacts and/or generates revenue, best-in-class, field-proven tools to help drive more revenue to your business — more efficiently, in less time. A cohesive business development framework to help drive more growth!
How? By describing twelve constraints that impede and block all company's from gaining more revenue, allowing you to quickly diagnose which constaints are your biggest impediments, and take immediate action to minimize them in your business. The book goes even further—describing twelve field-proven tools called ACCELERANTS which minimize the constraints, helping you scope, sell and close larger deals in less time, potentially reducing your time-to-a-deal and cost of sales by up to 25%!
"Six Sigma is to quality as Accelerants is to sales and new business development. Understand and learn this comprehensive set of business development principles, shape them around each business unit's offerings and target markets, then apply them in the field to drive more revenue, more efficiently and effectively. Your business developers will be glad you did, as will all your stakeholders."
— Michael Meyer, CEO and chairman,
i360 Technologies, Inc.; former CEO, Cap Gemini America

"If [Boylan] can engage a group of several thousand attendees at the Microsoft World Fusion annual conventions and receive their highest general session keynote speaker ratings, I am certain he would serve your organization well. He is a pro! As good as I have heard, with content that is timely and relevant."
— Robert Thele, former president and CEO,
Covey Leadership (now Franklin-Covey)

Read about the Fortune 1000 companies who have been using key Accelerants for several years, and you will see how these tools could deliver for your organization!

Michael A. Boylan  
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